The Essential Western New England Songbook

The Essential Western New England Songbook

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What is The Essential Western New England Songbook?

It’s an anthology of many of the best songs ever written and recorded by artists who have lived in Western New England and whose careers have a significant connection to the area. The Songbook comprises original songs written by or originally recorded by artists who have spent a significant part of their lives in Western New England or who’ve formed their “breakthrough” band while in college in Western New England. A wide variety of music industry professionals from all over Western New England (including DJs, recording studio engineers, music writers, promoters, well-established musicians, and others) have contributed nominations to this ever-growing juried compilation of songs. All genres and any song over 1 year old was eligible. Acceptance was limited to one song per artist.  It’s available to the public in a variety of platforms and through a number of website and social media links. These platforms include Spotify, YouTube, and more.

What is considered Western New England?

It’s the expanded Connecticut River Valley- an area from New Haven, Connecticut (and thereabouts), all the way through the western half of Massachusetts and up to Southern Vermont. This area contains what has been designated as “The Knowledge Corridor.” The Knowledge Corridor is an interstate partnership of economic development, planning, business, tourism, and educational institutions that works to advance the region’s economic growth. Since 2001, the partnership has been recognized by the region’s business and legislative leaders as a vehicle to provide valuable economic and cultural connections to those living in the region.

Why a Western New England Songbook?

This area has many bonds in terms of business, commerce, education, workforce, and the arts. For decades, area musicians have collaborated and formed bands with like-minded musicians across the region. Many have moved back and forth to multiple locations throughout the area.

The Essential Western New England Songbook celebrates this vast and connected music community while showcasing the breadth and scope of exceptional songs written and produced by area artists. It’s also an invaluable resource for anyone who appreciates Western New England’s rich history and culture.

Check out The Essential Western New England Songbook. Explore the huge diversity of great music created by Western New England artists. And for those of you who are from Western New England, you can be proud of your present, past, and future musical neighbors!       Sit back and enjoy!

PS:  Like any awards procedure, there will be some deserving songs that weren’t included this year. That’s why each year we’ll be adding additional songs to the Songbook. So if you feel there’s a truly exceptional song missing send us an email at with the subject “Songbook Nomination” and we’ll consider it for next year.

2021 List of Nominators and Judges
Robin Andreoli                        Director of Community Relations at The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, DJ
Danny Bernini                         Music Producer/Studio Engineer
Frank Critelli                           DJ and Musician
Stevie Converse                       WCCH Radio Faculty Advisor, New Music Alliance Board Member, DJ
Robbie DeRosa                       DJ, Wesleyan University
Ace Hausthor                          DJ, New Music Alliance Radio Hour
Sheryl Hunter                         Music Writer
Kara Kharmah                        Music Promoter & Marketing Consultant
Margaret Milano                     Music Venue Booking Agent
June Millington                       Co-Founder & Board of Directors, Institute for the Musical Arts; & Musician
Peter Newland                        Musician, New Music Alliance Board Member
Fran O’Connell                       Musician, New Music Alliance Advisory Committee Member
Mark Ramone                        DJ and New Music Alliance Board Member
Leah Rantz                            DJ Local Music Show
Steve Rodgers                        Musician & Music Venue Owner
Mark Sherry                           Director New Music Alliance & Producer of Valley Music Showcase
Phil Simon                             Music Booking Agent
David Sokol                           Music Writer & Editor
Vic Steffens                           Music Producer/Studio Engineer