Call for Open Stage Showcase Performers
The New Music Alliance is premiering the monthly “Open Stage Showcase”. The Open Stage Showcase will showcase 6-8 performers at each event, as well as including a featured performer. We hope to present a lot of incredibly talented Western New England musicians.
The New Music Alliance is a non-profit 501c(3) organization whose mission is to assist the careers of musicians who write original music from the Western New England area & to promote the area as a destination for writing, recording, and live performances of original music. We do this in a variety of ways, including: producing a weekly syndicated radio show broadcast on 9 regional stations in W. MA and Northern CT; live events (like the Valley Music Showcase); compiling the Essential Western New England Songbook (a listenable Hall of Fame of many of the best songs ever written by W. New England artists; and workshops.
(Please note: We define Western New England as the area that includes Worcester and west in MA, all of CT ex. Fairfield County, and Southern Vermont.)
What are the benefits to you of performing at the New Music Alliance Open Stage Showcase? (to be held the 1st Thursday of most every month)
• At each Open Stage Showcase event the professional videographers at Holyoke Media will be shooting a multi-camera video of your performance. This video will be sent to you after the show. You are free to use it in your own promotions and marketing- and for your own fun!
• You’ll have an opportunity to perform in a brand new beautiful state-of-the-art audio and video listening room, where people are there to hear your music.
• After each Open Stage Showcase, a song will be chosen to be played on one of our upcoming weekly New Music Alliance Radio Hour shows.
• You’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with other performers- including the Showcase’s featured performer.
• You’ll be able to access Holyoke Media’s spacious Green Room that’s equipped with video monitors of the performance space.
• A tip jar will be passed that will go to all the musicians and the sound person.
What do you need to know about performing?
• You can only play your own original songs (or one that you’ve co-written).
• You’ll need to submit some recording of you performing at least 1 of your songs. If you don’t have access to anything already recorded then a smart phone recording can suffice.
• You’ll have a maximum of 12 minutes on stage- including talk, etc. before or after songs. You can play a maximum of 2-3 songs. PLEASE check the time of your set in advance. If your set is longer than that it will affect other musicians being able to perform. In that event we may have to stop you in the middle of a song- which we really don’t want to do!
• You can have up to 3 musicians on stage (including you!) There will be a backlined keyboard and a guitar amp available as well as 2 vocal mics. No drum sets are currently possible- other than a cajon/conga or similar drum. We are currently not able to accommodate any other amplified instruments.
• Please wear either a black tuxedo or a black evening gown. (what! we’re definitely Just KIDDING! There’s no dress code).
How to apply to perform at an Open Stage Showcase?
• Send us your name, hometown, the instrument(s) you’d be playing, any accompanying performers, and one or more samples of the songs you’d be playing (as we stated above, any recordings are acceptable- even smart phone recordings). Let us know what month you are applying to perform.
• Send your information to – Attention: Open Stage Showcase
• We will likely have more applications than we can accommodate. This will be a juried process and we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted to perform at a Showcase event.
We hope to hear from you and help you share your original music!

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