The New Music Alliance Radio Hour is a weekly show presented by the New Music Alliance (a 501c(3) non profit).  It features the original music of performers and bands in the Western New England area (Western and Central Mass., Southern Vermont, and Central CT. The focus is on recent releases but also stretches back to include recordings and artists from the past. We also offer periodically a “Pairings” show where we present pairs of songs: each pair consists of a song by a well-known national artist and a song of a similar “feel” from a local artist.  

The show is broadcast Thursdays 6-7 pm on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Northampton, Massachusetts and on WMNB-LP 107.1 FM North Adams, MA;  on Saturdays from 4-5 pm on WMCB-LP 107.9 FM Greenfield Massachusetts;  and on Wednesdays at 6-7pm on WCCH 103.5 FM Holyoke, MA.  It’s also available by streaming Thursdays 6-7pm at and Saturdays 4-5 pm at

The show also highlights events that the New Music Alliance will be sponsoring to further its mission to assist  local area musicians who write original music.  Each week the show is hosted by 2-3 DJs from our rotating group of 5-6 hosts. Our DJs choose the show content and contribute to the show production.  Our current team of DJs include Mark Sherry (producer of the Valley Music Showcase), David Sokol (formerly of WRSI’s Sokol Heroes), Mark Ramone (DJ from WECS Willimantic CT), Ace Hausthor (Bennington College Radio), and Mistress Miriam (singer/performer).  In-studio guests are also part of our programming and may include local area recording studio producers, local artists, and other surprise guests.