Ace Hausthor: Volunteer/Intern

Ace graduated from Bennington College with a B.A. in Music Composition and Performance, and has been kicking around their hometown in the Valley in a wide range of different roles ever since. They are an indie synthpop producer, composer, and performer under the name of The Facades (a solo act despite the name), which is best explained as a psychotheatrical experience told through music and wit. Ace sings, plays keyboards and bass, and produces all their own music. On the side, they’re an actor, social media manager, and ordained minister who has only ever performed gay weddings.

Ace will be working on a variety of projects for the NMA. Utilizing their bevy of many talents they’ll be one of our on-air DJs and helping to produce the New Music Alliance Radio Hour show. They’ll also be involved in our marketing efforts as well as assisting in the completion and maintenance of our website.